Tooth Extraction

What is a Complete Extraction?

An extraction involves removing one or several of your own natural teeth. It is often done when there is no other way to save a tooth. If a tooth is severely decayed or loose due to gum disease, extraction is the best option for you. Likewise, extractions may be done to help prevent future problems from developing, as is the case with wisdom teeth.

Why is a complete Tooth Extraction necessary?

You may need to have a tooth extracted if it’s severely decayed, loose or if it’s cracked below the gum line. Some patients need to have their impacted wisdom teeth removed because there is not enough room in the mouth for the teeth to come in fully. If other treatments are available to save the tooth in question, we’ll commonly recommend these before suggesting treatment otherwise. It’s not uncommon for patients to request an extraction as a way to avoid more invasive and time-consuming procedures.

What Is A Complete Extraction
Who Might Be A Candidate For Tooth Extraction

Who might be a candidate for Tooth Extraction?

We will examine all your teeth to make the decision if you need to have any of your own teeth extracted. Oftentimes, extractions are done before a denture can be made and placed over the gums. If the tooth can be saved by other means, we’ll advise you to choose these options rather than an extraction. Alternatively, there might come a time when a tooth is simply helpless and an extraction is the best option.

What happens during the Tooth Extraction process?

We begin by administering either a general or local anesthetic. We can discuss your sedative options with you during your consultation in our office. We then use special tools that will loosen the tooth before removing it from the underlying bone. We may place sutures if they are needed, and you’ll bite down on gauze to stop bleeding. If you’ve received conscious sedation, we will recommend having someone bring you home from your appointment. We are here to help provide you with any post-operative care instructions that you will need during the healing process.

If you think you need to have a tooth removed permanently, contact the office so that our friendly staff members can help you further.

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