Dental Emergencies

What are Dental Emergencies?

A dental emergency often leaves you in pain and extreme discomfort. The emergency might have come unexpectedly or it might have been a problem that has built up over the past several weeks, months or years. Treatment of a dental emergency is important because these issues rarely take care of themselves. By seeking quick and proper treatment, you can avoid the pain and frustration that comes with the health of your smile.

Why is treatment of Dental Emergencies needed?

If you fail to treat an emergency, the problem can and will eventually get worse. A problem that is more minor could develop into a major issue later on. Likewise, leaving the emergency alone and hoping it goes away may lead to eventual infection and even tooth loss. It is best to be seen as soon as possible for a dental emergency.

What Are Dental Emergencies
What Are Some Common Dental Emergencies

What are some common Dental Emergencies?

We see a wide array of different emergencies on a routine basis. We welcome you to come into our office whether you are a new or existing patient. Some of the most common emergencies we see include:

  • Severe pain and toothache
  • Abscesses and infections
  • Broken, fractured or cracked teeth
  • Loose or lost restorations
  • Broken appliances
  • Gum bleeding and swelling

What happens during Emergency treatment?

The emergency appointment starts by having you sit down and explain what the problem currently is. We then take x-rays, as needed, to help in diagnosing the issue and providing you with proper treatment. Our doctor then comes in and performs an exam, looking for the cause of the pain or discomfort that you’re feeling. We may prescribe antibiotics if there is an infection present. Once cleared, we can provide you with the dental treatment that you need to eradicate the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing currently. You will be glad you came in quickly to deal with the emergency, preventing it from getting worse.

If you think you might need emergency treatment and want to come in as soon as possible, call our office and our staff members can get you in.

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